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Birthdate:Feb 13
Lilith . . .
*cue minor chord rift*
. . . the very first Demon . . .
*eerie cymbal clang*
. . . made by Lucifer himself . . .
*jarring jangle of chime things*
. . . trapped in lower levels of Hell for centuries . . .
*music drops off to ominous silence*
. . . is crawling back to walk the earth . . . .
*not-really-whustling-wind sound*
. . . on a mission from her god.
*loud unsettling cacophany of orchestral stuff*
She's coming, soooooon, and she really wants your intestines on a stick.

All kidding aside, here's what you need to know:

1. Lilith is a demon. No, Lilith is the demon, the first one Lucifer created, twisting a human till he made her into something else, as an act of defiance against the Heaven that threw him down.
2. She's evil. No adjectives, no modifiers, just straight up evil.
3. She's insane. Or fanatical. But those two look a lot alike from the outside.
4. Her idea of fun is possess small girls and terrorize their families. You probably don't want to know what she's like when she's on business.
5. Yes, she really does want your intestines on a stick.

Lilith is from Supernatural and thus is the property of Eric Kripke, the CW, etc. This journal is only for roleplay at [info]milliways_bar. No profit, just fun. Like all demons, Lilith appears on the earthly plane as a cloud of black smoke, and must possess a human body to have a corporeal form. She favors little girls. And blondes. And when she lets the inner demon show through, that manifests in completely white eyes.

Lilith does, says, advocates, and believes a lot of things her mun does not. If you're uncomfortable with something, she may not care, but I absolutely do. Please contact me about it.
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